One desk requires 84 inches of a type of trim. Find the length of trim needed in inches for 5 desks. Then convert your answers to potentially more useful unit.show conversions and work.

Accepted Solution

Answer:420 inches or 35 feet of trim is needed for 5 desks.Step-by-step explanation:We know that one desk requires 84 inches, so we need to find out how many inches are needed for 5 desk.If we know one desk needs 84 inches then we have 1 desk = 84 inches.To get 5 desk, we need to multiply both sides by 5.1 desk = 84 inches. (multiply by 5 for both sides)5 desks = 84 * 5 5 desks = 420 inchesWe know now that 5 desks require 420 inches, but many people use feet instead.There are 12 inches in 1 foot, so we need to divide 420 inches by 12 inches to get how many feet we need.420/12 = 35 feet. Hope this helps!