In may you used 700 kilowatt-hours of energy for electricity.A. calculate the total electrical energy used in joulesB. calculate the average power use in wattsC. assume that your power supplier generates electricity by burning oil. Note that 1 liter of oil releases 12 million joules of energy. How much oil is needed to generate the electricity you use? Give answer in both liters and joules.I am really having a hard time with this..

Accepted Solution

Answer: 1 kilowatt-hours = 3.6x10^6 joules Converting 900 kilowatt-hours to joules, we have: 900*(3.6*10^6)=3.24*10^9 joules, orTotal Electrical Energy use = 3,240,000,000 joules "The total electrical energy use was 3,240,000,000 joules."b)The month of May has 31 days and 1 day  is 24 hours. So May has:31*24=744 hoursNow, we divide 900 kW-hr by the number of hours in the month (744 hrs) to get average power use: kW. Since 1000 Watts = 1 kW, we multiply this by 1000 to get the answer in Watts:1.21 * 1000 = 1210 Wattsc)Part 1:The conversion efficiency of most generating stations is 33%. So we need to multiply the total electrical energy use (in joules) by a factor of 3 to get the amount of joules required. So:(3.24 * 10^9)*3 = 9.72 * 10^9 joulesWe divide this by 12 million joules to get the number of liters:So, 810 liters is neededPart 2:We know that 0.2642 gallons is equal to 1 liters. To get the number of gallons needed, we multiply 810 by 0.2642. So:810 * 0.2642 = 214.00 gallons"To generate the electricity you​ used, 214.00 gal is needed."